Haunted by the past – a never ending sink hole.

How often do we try to forget the things that haunt us? Maybe down the years, we try to forget everything and eventually succeed. But as years go by, and something no matter how small it is; takes you back to the memory lane. You can only think of those moments that you tried to forget. 

Well, we have all been there, and if you’re reading this I am pretty sure you are going through it too. So how can we help? Personally, I think it’s hard to tell all the things to someone we know. Maybe the fear of judgement or maybe being neglected. No matter what it is, we can easily confide into a stranger. That is the best therapy.


Getting haunted by the past is the worse thing. We all want to be away. But let you past be bygone, think of one thing you want to do in your life and do it. Why wait for that delicious restaurant you want to try or the place you wanted to visit for years? Do it, let it heal you.

You never know how many days are left in your life, live it like it is your last day.


Karachiite Girl in the BIG city!!

Growing up in any big city, you get exposed to so many beautiful cultures. I’ve grown up with a lot of open eyes around me that’s influenced my eyes to open.

– King Krule

Well, I have to agree with the above statement. As we all know Karachi is filled people belonging to different race, culture, religion and ethnicity. You can experience all kind of experiences that the world have to offer,You have amusement park like Aladdin (Believe me, I am still excited each time I visit it and discovery – the ride, just pumps up the adrenaline.)

I just found this video on YouTube, so those who haven’t been there. Trust me, you will love it.


One of the major concerns we all have as being an independent girl in the big city is being safe. Well, until today I haven’t been mugged. Just praise the Lord and hope it doesn’t happen. Apart from that, roaming on the streets is not that dangerous as the TV and MEDIA makes it sound. I do have chores to do, get the groceries and pay up the bills. I never knew people of Karachi were so courteous and friendly. Not to disappoint the people of Lahore or Islamabad; but people are not friendly there at all. And they won’t ever bother giving direction. Or maybe I just had the bad experience in the city.

Learning how to use a gun can be fun. #JustSaying


As I am being told by my elders, GIRLS shouldn’t have MALE friends. I don’t know why some people still consider it as a taboo. But things are evolving and people are accepting the two opposite gender can work or study together without having the awkward sexual tensions between them. Kudos to all my loving friends. And just saying, i do have lots of girlfriend who make my life much better.

Komal, Annie, YusraZartashia, Naveen, Osama, Maaz, Danish, Ahmed, Samad, Zubair and many more that I can’t mention. You guys make up my life more bearable and way better than my boyfriend ever did. Love you loads!!

Friends are also great selfie partners!! 


Yes, and one should never give a shit to society. I remember hearing tons of lectures from my mum when one of my male friends use to drop me home. I think they are just being gentleman; whereas the people who see me getting off a car things I might be dating the person should seriously get a life. 


Being in the big city and not having a car to drive is very annoying. You keep on asking your friends if they can pick you up whenever you plan a hangout can be a mess. But what to say, all my friends signed up for it. *evil laugh*


Apart from that, I do take autos. It’s safe and fun. And very cheap; i mean it. Don’t just let the driver make you pay hundreds when you can always bargain on it and cut to the half price. You guys won’t believe it; I use to travel to Urdu Science College (Gulshan-e-Iqbal) from Tooba Masjid in just 150 rupees. A girl should always know how to bargain in a big city.


I haven’t been to all the food spots but there are quite some that are my regulars. I know this sounds a bit crazy but I am one of those people who love SUBWAY. I know only one person likes it in a thousand according to a study i read. But whatever! Subways are great and I can make the best ones.

these tables and the perfect blend of chai!!! 

Other than that, I would always love to hit the Chai Dhabbas like Chai Shai or Chaiwala. Both are pretty great. Or if you’re talking about fine dinning; I like Sajjad. I remember three years back a friend introduce me to it. And now I am a fan of their electric lemonade and chocolate sizzling brownie; must have!!

And talk about the food streets, you can munch as much as you can from Boat Basin and still won’t be enough. Ugh, the smell is so tempting.. but my weight machine says no. Always, and it wonders why i hate it so much.


So if you’re new to the city, hit spots like boat basin, burns road, do darya (impeccable services).


I am not going to brag about it, but KARACHI is like a paradise for shoppers. From all the big malls to thrift stores. You can easily get what you want. I am not brand conscious but I do love GENERATIONS but apart from that I use to love thrift shopping at sunday bazaar. They had nice shoes over there and you would find amazing painting there. Damn the people, who closed it. But you got places like Atrium and Zanaib Market. Where you get pretty much everything in a decent price. Or if you’re busy studying or working just order it online from daraz.

So many clothes, so little time to buy them all. 


When I first step out of the home, I felt scared.

Every new face i saw was haunting me; but gradually i realised people don’t notice unless you’re wearing jeans. Being in the big city, people are least bother with what you’re doing. Most of them are into getting their stuff together. And at times I don’t even know what going in my neighbourhood.

But you will realise as time passes by some of the faces fades away, while others be your friends.


OVERALL I will say, living is Karachi has it pros and cons. But I love the city no matter what people say to me. I will live my life with my ways, and all those considering things as taboo should get a life. I am doing it my way and deal with it.

I guess this above statement shows that girls in KARACHI are not scared to things on their own. And they will study and be on top of their professions. No matter what the people say. You have one life, make sure you live it to the fullest.

Life is too short to worry about things that can not be changed. 


Being raised up in the big city is not as flashy as it sounds, I do remember the look on my cousins faces when I visit them and they will be keen to hear everything I have to say about my city. So why not just share the experience with you. And if I missed on something, do let me know in the comments section below. 

And that all folks. See you soon.

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy!

Hello Pakistanis…

“She should rot in hell, how dare she showed the bad side of Pakistan”

Woah! This is some serious hate we are having towards the lady who is making documentaries on the issues of Pakistan. First of all, I want to tell you that before passing any comment how about we learn what documentary and film is. We should at least tell the difference between a fact or fiction. A documentary shows the real story, the dirty truth. ( http://www.videouniversity.com/videou-how-tos/whats-the-difference-between-documentary-and-feature-film/ – If you need to know more)



You may have a lot of your own opinions, about telling how the world is seeing the badside of Pakistan due to this short film, but I want to ask you how many of the foreigner think it’s safe to travel here? We are living in a state where international cricket teams don’t come to play because it is UNSAFE! So if someone is taking a stand to step up and tell what is actually happening. Because we can’t find a solution if we don’t know about the problem. All she wants is to aware us with the current situation.


People living in big cities wouldn’t even know what is like to live in a place where honor killing are acceptable. Oh yes! You should think for a second, stop being a hypocrite patriotic and do something for this country. And if you can’t then you should stop spreading hate against people who are actually thinking for a CHANGE. How hypocrites of us. How many of US will actually be friends with someone who have been attacked by acid?


I can’t see any hands raising? How many of us will save a person who is being attacked? None. We would rather run for our lives. We live in a country where half of the population is not educated and other half is majority stupid enough to believe that they are superior and don’t care about the others.


“Sharmeen, honestly i have been proud of you. I don’t care what the people say. I know that all you want is a Change and somebody has to start somewhere. So no matter how many people are against you. Just do what you’re doing.” – Natasha


Desires.. Never fulfilled.

“Just 2 more marks, I could have an A” – Adam

“Oh, I wish I had a better grade. ” – Ayesha

“I should have concentrated on studies I could pass it.” –Sameer

Well haven’t we been through this? Those wishes…. We all wished for. But have we ever realized and been grateful for all that we have, in the same universe someone might be praying to get what you are neglecting. 



Could we just halt these desires that have a never ending STOP. And be thankful for all that we have.

I am not going to write tons and tons and make you so bored, in simple words I want to say that no matter what are you going through. Be positive and grateful. You never know when is the last day you would be enjoying all these things. And don’t forget to share, there is no better joy than sharing. After all, sharing is caring. 



Lost Childhood

Hey peeps!!

How are you doing? I have been away since long, apologies… So I come back with another thoughtful topic. Our childhood.


Don’t we all miss that, the running in the rain, eating gola gandas, playing cricket, crying over chocolates, playing hopscotch and many more!

But I feel sorry for my younger brother who cannot live all that. All he can do is play games on PSP or get the latest phone. I feel sorry for him, that in this technology race. He lost his childhood. He doesn’t know about the effort of watching tv after doing your homework! The art and crafts we use to make! Those small things made me who I am! And I believe that what every 90’s kid will say.

I guess we lived in a generation where technologies was about to take over. And it just did. I see my 5 years old niece having a cellphone. And she know way better how to function it. I do agree technology have made our life better! But how can it take over our lives. I will simply say no to it.

So all the parents who are reading this, your children don’t need latest laptops, iPads or cellphones. They need you to guide them. Because in future that will turn them into the people who want them to be.

We need to let out children have fun

HE did that, SHE did that!

SHE was doing barely fine, but promised SHE will never hurt herself again. Living in a world filled with monsters, SHE wore the mask of happiness. Going here and there, trying to keep up with her loneliness. Suddenly SHE meets him; THE MR RIGHT. Going all crazy with all the promises and lies HE makes up. Thinking this time it will be different. Silly girl, SHE was not aware what the future had to hold for her was way worse then she could ever imagine.

Their love grew like a flower, HE promised her every happiness. SHE was filled with joy and happiness. Finally her life was picture perfect but suddenly it was crashing down. SHE was in a shock, how can in a short span of time HE has the power to do that to her. To kill her without doing a thing. SHE got herself addicted to him while HE was busy goofing around. SHE saw him enjoying with his friends while she waits every night for him. SHE kept on begging for his and he kept making excuses. SHE tried leaving him but SHE never had the will to do so,thinking this time it will change.

Then, SHE finally see how happy HE was without her so SHE gave up on the one thing that kept her alive. SHE kept quiet while HE was busy in his life. Taking her for granted that no matter what happens SHE is gonna stick around. But this time it is not like that; SHE let him go for him!



The Bandwagon of Love

Happiness is your blog being posted by the IULS!,

We all have watched that one romantic movie that has made us fall in love. It is the idea of falling in love that our generation has loved and adapted time and again.  We hate flaws and are so obsessed with perfectionism that we will find flaws in every person. Either we find someone too short, too tall, too fair, too dark, too fat or too skinny. These aren’t the only labels that we have to deal with. A person hanging out a lot with the opposite gender is also taken quite negatively in our society.


Meet someone new, exchange numbers, add them on social networking websites, late-night conversations, those long question-answer sessions and going out on dates etc.  We know the drill all too well, don’t we? Most of haven’t been in love, it’s the idea! The thrill that excites us. Did we really mess up the concept of love? It…

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Generation Gap in love!

We all have watched one romantic movie that has made us fall in love. It is about the idea of falling in love our generation has adapted.  We hate flaws and are so obsessed with perfectionism that we will find flaws in every person. Either s/he is short, tall, fair, dark, fat, too skinny… This isn’t the only labels that we have to deal. A person hanging out with the opposite gender is labeled as stud or slut.

Meet someone new. Exchange numbers. Add them on Social Sites. Late-night conversations. Question-answer games. Ask out. Dates. Make out. Have Sex. Lose interest.  We know the drill all too well, don’t we? Most of haven’t been in love, it’s the idea! The thrill that excites us. Did we really screw the concept of love? It is like a game for us! The CHASE; a better way to rephrase it. Once that ends, It Ends!!

Other who has been broken in love are reluctant to let go, So what if it didn’t work in the first go! Doesn’t mean you can’t love again… We are bitter to let go, to come out of the delusion that our happily ever after is not so happy after all.

We all are hopeless in love, we don’t want to settle for less and that is the cause for the rapid procedure. We fall in love in a speed more greater than light.. But falling out of it is twice  the pace of light. Hence, most of us are afraid to label our relations. Why? Because the whole world will know and if it won’t work? It would be a shame. The idea of love is for two people not the world. Why do we care about what other people think? We are afraid of defining relations because then people would know. And we’d not be able to end this ‘thing’ as easily as we would have.
And then, most of us are finding love on FACEBOOK, TINDER, OKCUPID, POF and many more. We are available but never available, we are out there – on social media websites, on dating apps, at parties, but all this while, are we really available? Delete Tinder, meet them rather than adding them on facebook, have a conversation rather then emojis and DON’T BE AFRAID.

Give it a chance, make it real!


Review: Fifty Shades Of Grey by a SO-CALLED FILM STUDENT

Fifty Shades Of Grey, one of the hot topic these days and we can see everyone gossiping about it. As soon as this name pops up all we think about is Sex or BDSM! Well, that is not what it is about. It is a movie, be adults! After hearing so many reviews, I gave a thought to watch and it was one of the awful decisions I ever made.

FSOG, an American Erotic Romance directed by Sam Taylor Johnson, is one of the most depressing movies I have watched. Being a film student, I believe that it shouldn’t be considered as a movie even. Although the production has spend million on making a film that has no story. I don’t get it, what film students/professionsals don’t get it that a film is not about the lights or angles or that marvelous shot you have taken but it is about the STORY. Do we get it? STORY!!

Yes, believe me that a film is all about the story. The remaining elements like Makeup, Actors, Lighting, Camera Work/Cinematographer, Editing, Sound etc comes later..  You use these element to make a composition that is appealing to the eye. The main reason why some of the low budgets films are award winning like QUEEN because it has a good story. A good production will enhance your story.

So coming back to the film, Fifty Shades of Grey has a complete weird start. I don’t get it and even after I manged to see it full and believe me I didn’t expected it to end. The moment it ended, I was in a delusion. I was like WHATTTT?? That’s it? It just told me it is a completely waste of time.

No doubt I like the visuals I see on the screen, the color combination. The way how two different are showing their personalities by their wardrobe. But in the end it comes down to the story. If the story is not good, it is a shitty movie.

So all you guys/girls, who are crushing over Dakota Johnson or Jamie Dornan, let me tell you may be you like them because of their looks or their character. But saying the movie is amazing or giving good reviews is injustice to films.  I get it you people are thinking that it is one of the best movie but do you think it will be justice to people who spend months in just getting a perfect story.

-Sorry to disappoint you but it just my perception and we all have freedom to speak so you’re allowed to deny it! But make sure that it is justified!

RED LIPSTICK!! The Magic Wand

I’m not a FASHION PRO but I know one thing that no matter how down a person is red can always brighten some things up! I know after working late nights on these projects all I want is look fresh in the morning. I know makeup has done renovation to the beauty but there is nothing that can beat RED lips! It can be suitable from casual to formal! A color that can instant change the perception and can work like a magic wand!

RED is the color of rebirth, It gives you a new lif! A lady with the right shade of Lip Stick can conquer the world.

No matter what tone you have, there is a shade of red that can make u instant HOT! And by hot i literally mean HOT.. I know when I don’t want to work on myself but even don’t want to look as if I just came from the bed so RED LIPSTICK is my wand! Whether it is matte or gloss, red can work magic on you.


So girl, don’t be afraid to wear red! I wear red to university, work or any fancy occasion. I love to wear red even in the day time. Be confident enough to carry it like a boss. One of my favourite singer, TAYLOR SWIFT has made her style statement. She is mostly seen wearing RED LIPSTICK! And she own it like a boss.

YES, you should take permission from your guardians/parents if you’re young. This article isn’t suppose to encourage you to be rebels. Believe me, I waited for my turn. Right now this TWENTY ONE years old girl still is scared deep down from her mother!

Wearing red is a magical experience, it boosts up your self confidence and makes you strong! 


*I owe no rights on the images*