Respect Women!! Not an Option..

So, how many of us have seen people around commenting about girls passing by? Or have been the victim of eyes staring at them? Mostly every second girl I know have been facing this, what I don’t understand why people are so reluctant in respecting women who are not related by birth to them.

So,  your blood will boil is any other guy messes up with your sister/ mother/ any other lady you know, but when you’re with your friends and passing comment on any girl is appropriate? Can you justify yourself? This act of yours is unforgivable!

Few months back I have seen a video posted by ZaidAliT (Most of you will be knowing him) in which a bunch of friends are harassing a girl without knowing who the girl is, and later it is revealed that the girl is his own sister! So if something like this happens with you, how could you face such dilemma?That moment you will be hating yourself, so when you think like this about your sister why not think about other girls like that. A man can only be a man is he knows how to give respect to a lady

What I think that it not the way how a girl is dress, it the way how a boy is brought up. No mater how covered a girl is she will still be the victim of such leech of the society! I have a brother and if he won’t dare to say in such regards. Our mother has told us you need to respect regardless of who they are! And this is what our religion teaches us!

Respecting girls around you is not a choice or option! It’s mandatory, regardless of any discrimination.


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