Review: Fifty Shades Of Grey by a SO-CALLED FILM STUDENT

Fifty Shades Of Grey, one of the hot topic these days and we can see everyone gossiping about it. As soon as this name pops up all we think about is Sex or BDSM! Well, that is not what it is about. It is a movie, be adults! After hearing so many reviews, I gave a thought to watch and it was one of the awful decisions I ever made.

FSOG, an American Erotic Romance directed by Sam Taylor Johnson, is one of the most depressing movies I have watched. Being a film student, I believe that it shouldn’t be considered as a movie even. Although the production has spend million on making a film that has no story. I don’t get it, what film students/professionsals don’t get it that a film is not about the lights or angles or that marvelous shot you have taken but it is about the STORY. Do we get it? STORY!!

Yes, believe me that a film is all about the story. The remaining elements like Makeup, Actors, Lighting, Camera Work/Cinematographer, Editing, Sound etc comes later..  You use these element to make a composition that is appealing to the eye. The main reason why some of the low budgets films are award winning like QUEEN because it has a good story. A good production will enhance your story.

So coming back to the film, Fifty Shades of Grey has a complete weird start. I don’t get it and even after I manged to see it full and believe me I didn’t expected it to end. The moment it ended, I was in a delusion. I was like WHATTTT?? That’s it? It just told me it is a completely waste of time.

No doubt I like the visuals I see on the screen, the color combination. The way how two different are showing their personalities by their wardrobe. But in the end it comes down to the story. If the story is not good, it is a shitty movie.

So all you guys/girls, who are crushing over Dakota Johnson or Jamie Dornan, let me tell you may be you like them because of their looks or their character. But saying the movie is amazing or giving good reviews is injustice to films.  I get it you people are thinking that it is one of the best movie but do you think it will be justice to people who spend months in just getting a perfect story.

-Sorry to disappoint you but it just my perception and we all have freedom to speak so you’re allowed to deny it! But make sure that it is justified!


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