The Bandwagon of Love

Happiness is your blog being posted by the IULS!,

We all have watched that one romantic movie that has made us fall in love. It is the idea of falling in love that our generation has loved and adapted time and again.  We hate flaws and are so obsessed with perfectionism that we will find flaws in every person. Either we find someone too short, too tall, too fair, too dark, too fat or too skinny. These aren’t the only labels that we have to deal with. A person hanging out a lot with the opposite gender is also taken quite negatively in our society.


Meet someone new, exchange numbers, add them on social networking websites, late-night conversations, those long question-answer sessions and going out on dates etc.  We know the drill all too well, don’t we? Most of haven’t been in love, it’s the idea! The thrill that excites us. Did we really mess up the concept of love? It…

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