Respect Women!! Not an Option..

So, how many of us have seen people around commenting about girls passing by? Or have been the victim of eyes staring at them? Mostly every second girl I know have been facing this, what I don’t understand why people are so reluctant in respecting women who are not related by birth to them.

So,  your blood will boil is any other guy messes up with your sister/ mother/ any other lady you know, but when you’re with your friends and passing comment on any girl is appropriate? Can you justify yourself? This act of yours is unforgivable!

Few months back I have seen a video posted by ZaidAliT (Most of you will be knowing him) in which a bunch of friends are harassing a girl without knowing who the girl is, and later it is revealed that the girl is his own sister! So if something like this happens with you, how could you face such dilemma?That moment you will be hating yourself, so when you think like this about your sister why not think about other girls like that. A man can only be a man is he knows how to give respect to a lady

What I think that it not the way how a girl is dress, it the way how a boy is brought up. No mater how covered a girl is she will still be the victim of such leech of the society! I have a brother and if he won’t dare to say in such regards. Our mother has told us you need to respect regardless of who they are! And this is what our religion teaches us!

Respecting girls around you is not a choice or option! It’s mandatory, regardless of any discrimination.


Friend or Trend?

Okay, who is the person we seek when we are in trouble. Our friend right? but as we are evolving all we see is that friends are suppose to hangout and take pictures, post online activities and talk to one another on numerous silly things which has no point.
This new trend of friend is really common and most of us face it in college and university, and some lucky ones make it to work. Believe me, you’re lucky enough to go all the way without this fake friend trend.

So, where are the best best forever who will help us in our worries and won’t leave us in the time of distress! Who won’t rejoice with us but will be definitely be in our worries. A friend that we count on, by that I mean really count on them. You know they won’t ditch us. No matter what, those are the friends we need. No these so called friends or people who be our friend just for some work!

I have personally felt it, which urged me to write about it. Why are we going with the flow and trying so hard to blend in? Is this all we want or should we care about our self and the emotions we bear. Having a friend is a blessing, but what happens if this blessing is fake? It horrible even to think about it.

How about we stop this trend. And have something for real!!


This article is dedicated to Sheetal Dean! I love you idiot (:

Fear of being lonely!

Hello peeps!!

Today I will write about something we all face. How many of us jump into relations because we fear that we cannot be lonely? Is this far moving world, we are so busy in pleasing the world that we forget to give yourself the attention we need and require. We all want to be loved, but what is the use of that love which is not lasting. How can we live with the people who are not our ideal soul mate. Ideal? They are least bothered about us. Putting pictures together on social sites is the new trend. Everyone wants to blend in. But what is the use to blend in when you’re born to stand out? Is being a happy couple online is what our goal is?
I don’t get it why people are so reluctant in loving our-self. I personally believe that if we can start giving us time that’s is how we can achieve it.

We don’t need to live with someone just because we are alone, how can we find happiness in others when we are not satisfied by our-self. Start loving yourself before you start loving others. And believe me, everyone has a soul-mate out there.


As i always say, we should not look for love but let love find us.

You are the only person who can help yourself
You are the only person who can help yourself

Are we slaves to technology?

This is something that worries me a lot, I walk on the same street, everyday and I see faces. Faces that I can’t remember, faces that I remember yet I don’t know them. How weird it is? That we don’t know our neighbors properly, or the person sitting next to us in the office or the bus that we take everyday.

How often do we put our gadgets down and try to talk to the person next to us? As we are going towards more advanced technology we are lacking behind in humanity. We forget to greet our parent, talk to our siblings or we barely have the concept of tea/coffee and gossips as it was done with our parent and grand parent.
We barely talk to people around us. All we care about is our phone, to charge it, make sure it is up to date. Posting silly pictures online and getting comments. Fake is the new trend, a person is famous if s/he has 100+ like on her display. Is this how we would be judged? By the number of likes we get or by our deeds?

How about we try to live a day without depending on that phone and try to live life? Let us all try to contribute in building a better place.