Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy!

Hello Pakistanis…

“She should rot in hell, how dare she showed the bad side of Pakistan”

Woah! This is some serious hate we are having towards the lady who is making documentaries on the issues of Pakistan. First of all, I want to tell you that before passing any comment how about we learn what documentary and film is. We should at least tell the difference between a fact or fiction. A documentary shows the real story, the dirty truth. ( – If you need to know more)



You may have a lot of your own opinions, about telling how the world is seeing the badside of Pakistan due to this short film, but I want to ask you how many of the foreigner think it’s safe to travel here? We are living in a state where international cricket teams don’t come to play because it is UNSAFE! So if someone is taking a stand to step up and tell what is actually happening. Because we can’t find a solution if we don’t know about the problem. All she wants is to aware us with the current situation.


People living in big cities wouldn’t even know what is like to live in a place where honor killing are acceptable. Oh yes! You should think for a second, stop being a hypocrite patriotic and do something for this country. And if you can’t then you should stop spreading hate against people who are actually thinking for a CHANGE. How hypocrites of us. How many of US will actually be friends with someone who have been attacked by acid?


I can’t see any hands raising? How many of us will save a person who is being attacked? None. We would rather run for our lives. We live in a country where half of the population is not educated and other half is majority stupid enough to believe that they are superior and don’t care about the others.


“Sharmeen, honestly i have been proud of you. I don’t care what the people say. I know that all you want is a Change and somebody has to start somewhere. So no matter how many people are against you. Just do what you’re doing.” – Natasha