RED LIPSTICK!! The Magic Wand

I’m not a FASHION PRO but I know one thing that no matter how down a person is red can always brighten some things up! I know after working late nights on these projects all I want is look fresh in the morning. I know makeup has done renovation to the beauty but there is nothing that can beat RED lips! It can be suitable from casual to formal! A color that can instant change the perception and can work like a magic wand!

RED is the color of rebirth, It gives you a new lif! A lady with the right shade of Lip Stick can conquer the world.

No matter what tone you have, there is a shade of red that can make u instant HOT! And by hot i literally mean HOT.. I know when I don’t want to work on myself but even don’t want to look as if I just came from the bed so RED LIPSTICK is my wand! Whether it is matte or gloss, red can work magic on you.


So girl, don’t be afraid to wear red! I wear red to university, work or any fancy occasion. I love to wear red even in the day time. Be confident enough to carry it like a boss. One of my favourite singer, TAYLOR SWIFT has made her style statement. She is mostly seen wearing RED LIPSTICK! And she own it like a boss.

YES, you should take permission from your guardians/parents if you’re young. This article isn’t suppose to encourage you to be rebels. Believe me, I waited for my turn. Right now this TWENTY ONE years old girl still is scared deep down from her mother!

Wearing red is a magical experience, it boosts up your self confidence and makes you strong! 


*I owe no rights on the images*