Lost Childhood

Hey peeps!!

How are you doing? I have been away since long, apologies… So I come back with another thoughtful topic. Our childhood.


Don’t we all miss that, the running in the rain, eating gola gandas, playing cricket, crying over chocolates, playing hopscotch and many more!

But I feel sorry for my younger brother who cannot live all that. All he can do is play games on PSP or get the latest phone. I feel sorry for him, that in this technology race. He lost his childhood. He doesn’t know about the effort of watching tv after doing your homework! The art and crafts we use to make! Those small things made me who I am! And I believe that what every 90’s kid will say.

I guess we lived in a generation where technologies was about to take over. And it just did. I see my 5 years old niece having a cellphone. And she know way better how to function it. I do agree technology have made our life better! But how can it take over our lives. I will simply say no to it.

So all the parents who are reading this, your children don’t need latest laptops, iPads or cellphones. They need you to guide them. Because in future that will turn them into the people who want them to be.

We need to let out children have fun

Are we slaves to technology?

This is something that worries me a lot, I walk on the same street, everyday and I see faces. Faces that I can’t remember, faces that I remember yet I don’t know them. How weird it is? That we don’t know our neighbors properly, or the person sitting next to us in the office or the bus that we take everyday.

How often do we put our gadgets down and try to talk to the person next to us? As we are going towards more advanced technology we are lacking behind in humanity. We forget to greet our parent, talk to our siblings or we barely have the concept of tea/coffee and gossips as it was done with our parent and grand parent.
We barely talk to people around us. All we care about is our phone, to charge it, make sure it is up to date. Posting silly pictures online and getting comments. Fake is the new trend, a person is famous if s/he has 100+ like on her display. Is this how we would be judged? By the number of likes we get or by our deeds?

How about we try to live a day without depending on that phone and try to live life? Let us all try to contribute in building a better place.